How to Avoid Exercise Induced Injury

8 Simple Ways To Avoid Exercise Induced Injury


Now that we have started a new year with new years resolutions still present in our minds, I thought I would try to help you avoid getting another exercise induced injury. Specifically, how to best reduce the risk of injury upon resuming exercise after a prolonged period of time away from exercise.

The reason behind this is very simple: Without fail, each and every mid-late January, I get an influx of people coming into the clinic with an array of injuries that include lower limb tendinopathies (achilles & plantar fascia), calf/knee pain,  and lower back pain, that were all sustained during an attempt to try and get "fit and healthy" for their New Year's resolution. ie. They resumed exercise after a prolonged period away from exercise.

For the most part, a majority of these injuries are due to the obvious: A rapid increase in exercise volume and intensity from previous levels of physical activity. However, a majority of...

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