Leg Pain While Running

Leg Pain During or After a Run 

Running has become more and more popular in the past few decades and with this trend so has running injuries. People who have just taken up running have the highest incidence of injury. It is only after being a regular runner for three years when you become less likely to become injured! 


Leg pain towards the lower, inside of the leg is most commonly shin splints, or the more modern term being medial tibial stress syndrome. The pain is localised 2/3 distal on the bone - in the leg. See the description below. It is one of the most common running injuries seen in recreational runners. 


The pain can come on during a run, or immediately after or even the following day.

The pain is a dull ache, and sometimes a sharp pain. There is pain and tenderness to the leg bone at the site seen above. Once established it can stop runners continuing with their training. 

What is Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome MTSS?

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