Footwear and Foot Pain

Footwear- Chose The Right Foot Wear 

As podiatrists we get questions every day on what type of shoes are going to help their foot work better and help them to get pain free. We are getting this question more and more frequently. This suggests that podiatrists are doing their job of educating the public and is a reason to be encouraged! 
As foot wear is the cause of up to half of all foot problems, it certainly is a pertinent question. Studies have shown that 75% of women wear a size too small!! Sorry ladies ... it's true.

A quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet and all these structures should be allowed to have some natural movement when we walk and stand during the day. 

Podiatrists are experts at checking and recommending shoes and making sure you get the right shoe size for your feet!
High-heeled shoes are probably the worst type of shoes to wear if you have foot pain as they transfer all your body weight towards the forefoot. All the joints in the foot are moving abnormally and can make your foot problem worse. If you must wear a high heeled shoe, wear a high heel with an adjustable strap across the foot as this stops the foot from sliding forward. Gel pads for the forefoot can also help to reduce pain. If you are going somewhere, wear other shoes to and from the venue. 

Wearing the wrong shoes for the wrong activity can also be a problem that causes foot pain. 

Be aware of the shoes required for different activities
⦁ Running shoes
⦁ Walking shoes
⦁ Mountain walking shoes
⦁ Work wear shoes

The podiatrist can discuss this with you when you come in for an appointment. 

Best Shoe Tips

  • Wide at the front of the shoe
  • Deep enough toe box to allow your toes to move around 
  • Have an adjustable strap or lace to stop the foot sliding forward
  • Have a firm and cushioning sole
  • A sole that bends at the big toe joint
  • Be a cm or two higher at the heel than the toes


And don't let's forget that your shoes should be comfortable! Please come in for a check up with us and we will let you know if your on the right track. You can even give us a call on Tel 023 9181322 if you need some help. 



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