Walking With The Best Type Of Shoes

Walking for fitness and health and well being


Walking is one of the best forms of activity you can do for your mental and physical health. Being out among greenery, trees and plants reduces stress levels and improves mood, studies have shown.


Physically, joints and muscles get strengthened as well as the benefit of improved cardiovascular – heart and lung- health.


However, wearing the right type of footwear during your walks is important. We have become increasingly demanding of what our shoes should provide for us.


Now, it’s not only comfort, but support to reduce injuries, waterproofing to keep our feet dry, a lighter weight for improved performance and that they look smart and with the latest fashion. No wonder we sometimes struggle to find the best shoes for our feet.


As podiatrists we see foot problems brought on by poor footwear daily. The most common problem is a shoe/boot that is too narrow. Taking the insole out of your walking...

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