What does a podiatrists do ?

What does a podiatrist do?

To become a podiatrist you must study a 3-year degree before you can start treating patients. Podiatrists have been trained to diagnose and treat all lower limb, feet abnormalities, knees and hip conditions. The focus during training is on helping to prevent or correct different kinds of deformity and pain and to help to keep people mobile, active and pain free.

Many people have heard about us but do not have a clear indication on what we do. people with foot injuries are unsure on who to turn to for help or where to go, most people will turn to their gp’s for help, or go to the nearest hospital. But you should see a podiatrist, they work with all ages including, children, adults, and the elderly. Most of the time that foot pain is left untreated or undiagnosed there can be further problems or complications.

Now that we are called podiatrists (before we were chiropodists) we can divide treatments that we do into:


  • Tendon problems and...
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Ingrowing Toenails

In-growing toenails are more common than you might think. We often see patients who have struggled with a painful toenail that became infected. They then go and see the GP who offers them antibiotics. This just temporarily solves the problem, and the pain returns once the antibiotics wear off.

This article should inform you of what an ingrown toenail is, how you might get an ingrown toenail, and how to treat this problem.


Characteristics of an in growing nail

  • Painful toe with or without wearing shoes. Pain when walking
  • red and inflamed skin on side of the nail


Infection may be present where the nail may have the following addition of symptoms:

  • Strong odour
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Puss produced from the bulging skin
  • Very painful to touch, in shoes or walking



  • Tight shoes or shoes that are not your size
  • Trauma to the nail, this could be a sports injury, dropping heavy objects on the nail or just bumping the nail into hard surfaces
  • Nail shape if your nails are...
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