Insoles For Foot Pain

Foot pain can be very difficult to understand. One day there is no pain...and the next... your limping .. 

The foot contains 26 bones 30 joints and more than 100 muscles tendons and ligament... so there are a lot of structures that can go wrong. The problem we have is that the foot lands heavy on the ground every time we take a step... and we need to stand up and walk... right ?

And therein lies the problem; if you've managed to get yourself an injury the body has no way of getting better as your constantly taking steps on the ground..and stopping the foot getting better. 

As a podiatrist we see this very often in the clinic. The mere act of walking aggravates the pain and the problem. 

This is where orthotics come in.. orthotics - arch supports - are shaped in such a way as to support your foot. They fit into your shoe and help support your injured areas. They put the pressure elsewhere or redistribute the pressure from the ground to a bigger area of the foot. 

The injured structures that are hurting you every day are supported, and you can start the process of beginning to heal and get better. 

Do I have to wear an orthotic for life? no, usually our patients wear their orthotics between six months to a year.

You can buy a simple insole at the chemist and that is all well and fine, but ....doing that is the difference between buying a pair of spectacles off a rack at the pound shop and going to see the optician.  

Heel pain is a good example here... as some studies have shown that long standing heel pain can linger for many years. 

This type of pain can stop patients from enjoying walking running and doing all the other things they love. And just when they get back to doing an activity they enjoyed .... the pain returns. More fun can be had watching paint dry!!!

We understand how you feel and we want to get you pain free. All the podiatrists at South London Foot Clinic are state registered and University qualified to assess your foot pain. You should be both comfortable and pain free to enjoy the things you love. 




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