Verruca or warts are skin lesions that mostly develop on the hand or plantar foot. (There are other types of verruca, however this is written with hand and foot warts in mind). Verrucae are the result of a virus called a human papilloma virus (HPV). 

Verruca can be painful or cause distress by being unsightly, and they can also be difficult to treat with standard treatments. Most over the counter products are not particularly effective in many cases.  



SWIFT therapy for verruca use microwave technology to heat the tissue to just above normal temperature.  Swift is a UK researched and produced technology introduced and licensed for use for verrucae in 2016.  

How does it work?

Verruca virus contain an element that reduces inflammation in the skin. For this reason the verruca can go undetected without the immune system being notified.

When the skin is heated (a few degrees above normal levels), proteins are denatured (break apart), inflammation is created, and a by product of this is heat shock proteins. The increased inflammation in the skin notifies the immune system that there is an infection (virus), and immune cell activation occurs. 


 What are the benefits of SWIFT treatment ?

Consistency - SWIFT THERAPY  consistently cures your verrucae according to scientific studies

Cleanliness - no more dressings or toxic chemicals, and you can go back to all your activities on the same day

Convenience - SWIFT therapy only takes a few minutes for each treatment 

Confidence - in the knowledge that your verruca(e) will be gone for good


Does it hurt?

There is a discomfort for a couple of seconds, however most patients can tolerate this quite easily. We can adjust the settings if you are very anxious however. 

 Treatment with SWIFT 

Before treatment 



After Treatment 


Is it safe?

Microwave treatment has been used safely over the last thirty years in cancer treatment. We are also surrounded by microwaves daily as mobile phones, blue tooth technology and kitchen appliances all use microwaves. 

The very low energy used in the SWIFT system is only enough to agitate the water molecules, and does not carry enough energy to alter DNA. 


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If you have any of the following, make sure you inform the podiatrist treating you first so they are full aware. 

- any metal pins, plates, or replacement joints in your foot or ankle

- Pacemaker fitted 

- Neuropathy or poor circulation 

- Immune Suppression 

- Children under 10 

Your podiatrist will then be able to assess you prior to treatment and advice accordingly if necessary. 

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