Orthotics For Foot Pain

Uncategorized May 16, 2020

An orthotic, insole, or arch support is a device made to fit your foot. The orthotic goes into your shoe. It is a support device that changes the pressure distribution under your foot and reduces any pain you might have.

If you have pain in your big toe joint for example an orthotic can help support the foot and reduce joint pain. An orthotic can help with heel pain and ankle pain, and even knee pain.  Ask a podiatrist if an orthotic can help you.

Orthotics are either ready made or custom made. They both do the same thing. A custom made device, however is better for some foot types and some foot problems. Ask a podiatrist what type is best for you. 

Did you know an orthotic can?


  • Support your foot to improve both comfort and function in your everyday life.


  • Help you go for walks without the discomfort you usually have, feeling less tired and not being in pain.


  • Help you play your favourite sport without having to stop because your foot or knee hurts.


So come and have an assessment to see if an orthotic can help with your pain. We see patients who've been in pain for years sometimes thinking they have to live with the pain. 







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