Choosing the Right Footwear for Your Feet

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2020

Choosing the right foot wear can be tricky if you don't know what you

are looking for. Keeping your feet comfortable and safe during the day is

what your shoes have been made for. 


However many people across the country are either choosing to wear

poorly made shoes for their demands or are being asked to wear poor

shoes for comfort and safety in the workplace. 


Professions that involve standing most of the day such as nurses,

teachers, carpenters and builders are particularly vulnerable to ill fitting

and designed shoes. 

If you are getting pain in your foot or your looking to improve your

current foot wear, then - a good shoe has:


  • A supportive and cushioned sole 
  • An adjustable strap or laces across the mid foot
  • The sole of the shoe bends where the big toe joint is
  • A wide enough and deep enough toe box so your toes can move around

 Getting the right fit for your foot can be challenging. A knowledgeable

and skilled shop assistant should know what to look for. Often they don't

and up to 75% of people wear the wrong shoe size. 

Click here to search for a qualified shoe fitter in your area:


Shoe sizes aren't standardised so for those of you who say you are a size

8UK... thats only in one type of shoe!! 

Avoiding slips at work can stop you having to take valuable time off work... 

Make sure the soles are grippy and have proper tread marks... softer rubber has better grip than harder material. 


Finding a balance between what looks good and a shoe that is

comfortable....even at the end of the day can be a struggle. Fashion and

style can easily get the better of us!!


Talking to a podiatrist about the best type of shoe can be the best way

to improve your foot wear so your feet are comfortable and safe

throughout the day!


Call us on Tel 02039181322 if you'd like to consult with us on a foot problem! It might well be your shoes that are the problem...




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